We are a catalan family business that is dedicated to the distribution of tillandsias (or airplants). We love plants in general but mostly bromelias. Our passion is to admire them and cultivate them.


Julio, the company's manager, with large experience in the field of gardening and since his childhood has been an enthusiastic of the vegetable kingdom.


We have predilection for tillandsias because they are living beings that, in exchange for very little, offer us their incomparable beauty.





They are rare species inside the vegetable world because they do not use they roots to absorb the nutrients but they use it as holder. They feed from the dissolved particles in the rainwater.


They diversity, colouring and fantastic floration make them unique. In addition, they care is very easy.


What else can you ask for?


 In Industria Street number 22 of La Roca del Vallès (Vallès Oriental, Barcelona).


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